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ladymajavader's Journal

25 March 1983
ladymajavader is a 26 Polish feminst fangirl, adept at epic!flailing and squeeing. Her fandom roots are, obviously, Star Wars and the fandom that currently holds her heart is Legend of the Seeker. She's happily polyfandomamorous however and is also in love with: Bones, Dark Angel, Doctor Who, Firefly and Supernatural and has warm (and ever warmer) feelings towards Castle, Diplomatic Immunity, Dollhouse, House (and a lot of real estate, apparently), How I Met Your Mother, Leverage, Merlin, NCIS and Terminator:TSCC, among others. And the list of her old flames and one night stands is legen - wait for it - dary.

She can often be found squeeing over LotS at the Confessor and Seeker Society and stuffing herself full of vids at seeker_vids - where she's also your friendly neighbourhood mod. Her vids reside along with mresundance's at dancingvader.

She enjoys chocolate, smart people, overlays, concrit and talking about herself in third person.

INCREDIBLY OUT OF TOUCH WITH LJ AND FANDOM. But hopefully getting there.

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